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Back II Life is Singapore’s first leading Chiropractic and Homeopathic Clinic with 2 clinics, one located at Orchard Road and the other at Clifford Centre in the heart of the CBD.

Established since 2005, our doctors at Back II Life have a successful history of treatment and rehabilitation. Our clinic offers individualized and natural, drug-free treatments for patients of all ages. We are highly qualified in our respective fields and have had years of experience in treating patients of different ages and ailments with phenomenal results. We focus on treating present concerns as well as improving our patients’ entire well-being, resulting in optimal health improvements for our patients.

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Well-known physician, William Osler, said,"The good physician treats the disease but the great physician treats the patient who has the disease." Anyone would be lucky to meet even one such great physician. For me, I'm blessed to have met great physicians in both Dr Neil Stakes and Dr Lily Leong. I first went to Back to Life in September 2016 with a numbness in the right side of my body and other weird sensations in my overall being. I had a nagging feeling that my body wasn't in the right place, but I couldn't quite pinpoint what the issue was. I first started on the chiropractic treatment by Dr Stakes. Within the first few sessions, I could feel a significant improvement in my physical body but some of the unexplainable symptoms that I was feeling (like anxiety, brain fog and dizziness) persisted. I was seeing other medical professionals during that time, but all they could do was prescribe me with medication to mask my symptoms. It was then that Dr Stakes recommended me to Dr Leong for homeopathic treatment. Meeting Dr Leong has been instrumental in my road to recovery. In her, I have found a doctor who is supportive, caring and committed to both my physical and emotional healing. My consultation sessions with her are always comforting and cathartic because she creates a safe and non-judgemental environment for patients. Her deep knowledge in homeopathy has also enlightened me to the fact that holistic health can be achieved with the right remedies administered by a skilful and intuitive doctor who takes time to hear and understand her patients. Dr Leong is truly a great physician who exhibits genuine care and empathy for her patients. To date, my condition has improved by leaps and bounds. I am still on my way to making a full recovery, but I know I am in good hands with Dr Stakes and Dr Leong's continual help in this journey. Thank you, Dr Stakes and Dr Leong for having taken me so far. I am deeply grateful for the care both of you have poured into my life. I look forward to reaching many more milestones in my health with Back to Life.
Susanne Liu-Lim
Back II Life has been a God-sent for me. The work they do is reflective of the name they represent. I go back to them not because they did not heal me successfully after each episode, but because of my own poor decisions (life / body / habits / etc). And they continue to deliver me from my pains / woes. I am immensely thankful for Dr Stakes and his staff / ministry / work. I highly recommend Back II Life!
Justis Tan
Had tendonitis on my left arm, couldn't bend it. Adding to that a right knee issue that turned out to be related to a whole muscle on my thigh. Did my first Electronic Shock Wave therapy (ESWT), and immediately solved my knee problem which was keeping me in odd positions at night. My arm took a while, but recovered 50% range of movement just after 2 sessions. And 80% movement by the third. Highly recommended chiro! Thanks to Dr Neil and his friendly staff.
Brendan Yong
Dr Stakes cares more about your health and well-being than about making money. I knew he was a really trustworthy chiropractor because of what happened during my first few treatments with him. I was suffering from chronic lower back pain and went to Dr Stakes for treatment. I always felt a lot better after a session with him, but the ache would return after a few days. Dr Stakes treated me three times, and on the third session, told me that he had adjusted me, and that now I needed to retrain my muscles to work correctly. He told me to visit a Pilates instructor for a few sessions and was very specific with what I should ask for. He could just as easily have convinced me to take a big package with him, but he genuinely cares for his patients' well-being. With him, you can trust that you are being attended to by someone with your best interest at heart.
Wee Tze Yi
The front line staff are the best. Super accommodating and patient. You got to try the deep tissue sports therapy massage with Ariane. She knows exactly how and where my body needs regenerating / fixing / soothing.
Jasmine Han
My son and I started Homeopathy treatment with Dr Lilly Leong two years back. He was troubled with Eczema since childhood. With Dr Leong's knowledge and treatment, my son is well and good now. Thanks Dr Leong.
Amelda Ng
My wife and I, plus our 3 children have been receiving treatment and support from Dr Stakes and his team for the past 6 years. The professional treatment and support he has provided over the years has been fantastic. I have no hesitation recommending either him or any of his team.
Ian William Hallo
I've been seeing Neil for many years now. He has a good sense of the issues I face and is always able to help to remediate the root of it. There is no hard sell. Just pure skills and ability. It helps that he's such a jolly fellow too!
Priscilla Soh
I offer the highest recommendation for Dr. Stakes. I have had some serious back pain, and had never before been to a chiropractor for fear of further damaging my disc issues. In a desperate attempt to avoid surgery, I visited Dr. Stakes at the recommendation of another friend. He took the time to understand exactly what was going on, and put a very specific treatment plan together for me. I experienced immediate relief, and after following the plan was able to avoid surgery. Dr. Stakes is a professional, first class, and one of the best!
Bryan Spear
I highly recommend Dr Steve as a great Chiropractor! Steve goes out of his way to give 100% with each visit. He really cares for your healthcare needs, listens and has top of the class techniques / methods of treatment to ensure your unique healthcare needs are met. Always leave feeling awesome! Keep up the good work!
Siobhan Roughan

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