Dr Neil Stakes is a Registered Chiropractor and is a member of the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA). He has worked with the South African National Field Hockey Team and served on the academic staff at the Technikon Natal before being recruited to Singapore in 2001.

Since then he has joined The Singapore Chiropractic Association and has held various positions on the executive committee, including President, Vice-President, Secretary and Hon Treasurer. He is actively involved in promoting the profession through talks and is a firm believer in exercise and fitness.


Dr Lilly Leong received her Masters’ Degree: Homeopathy after having completed 6 years academic study and a 1-year internship. She also conducted a placebo controlled double blind clinical research on the management of post-operative pain using homeopathy. It was pioneering move in the integrative approach for the medical community in South Africa.

She relocated to Singapore in 2001 and has since expanded her practice. She often contributes articles for the health section (1 Ailments 3 approaches) in TODAY and was also featured in Channel News Asia, Channel U and Channel 5.


Dr Holmes is vitalistic in his approach to health. He believes that if you provide the right set of circumstances, your body CAN heal itself. His way of thinking stems from an upbringing rooted in natural healthcare, an abundance of sports and the outdoors, and the ideals of two very loving parents who imparted their knowledge to him.

He is passionate in his purpose to help YOU achieve pain free lives, exceptional health, and peak physical condition through the power of Chiropractic; along with other complementary technologies and modalities.

He has honed his Chiropractic skills and deepened his knowledge of the health and medical sciences. Years of training with paediatrics, geriatrics, sports teams, and disabled individuals has also helped him build a wide scope of expertise.

From the kampong to the executive office suite, Dr Holmes is here to help everyone – no matter your background.


Dr Stakes cares more about your health and well-being than about making money. I knew he was a really trustworthy chiropractor because of what happened during my first few treatments with him. I was suffering from chronic lower back pain and went to Dr Stakes for treatment. I always felt a lot better after a session with him, but the ache would return after a few days. Dr Stakes treated me three times, and on the third session, told me that he had adjusted me, and that now I needed to retrain my muscles to work correctly. He told me to visit a Pilates instructor for a few sessions and was very specific with what I should ask for. He could just as easily have convinced me to take a big package with him, but he genuinely cares for his patients' well-being. With him, you can trust that you are being attended to by someone with your best interest at heart.
Wee Tze Yi
My son and I started Homeopathy treatment with Dr Lilly Leong two years back. He was troubled with Eczema since childhood. With Dr Leong's knowledge and treatment, my son is well and good now. Thanks Dr Leong.
Amelda Ng
I highly recommend Dr Steve as a great Chiropractor! Steve goes out of his way to give 100% with each visit. He really cares for your healthcare needs, listens and has top of the class techniques / methods of treatment to ensure your unique healthcare needs are met. Always leave feeling awesome! Keep up the good work!
Siobhan Roughan