Physio Massage with our internationally trained physiotherapist, using WINBACK TECAR Therapy or RadioFrequency – for gentle, advanced healing.

WINBACK TECAR Therapy amplifies the power of a massage to reach deep seated conditions that are deemed unreachable.

TECAR Therapy is the Transfer of Electrical Energy through the Capacitive and Resistive modes. It uses a high frequency alternating current, ranging from 300KHz to 1MHz, to accelerate the “natural regeneration” of the biological tissue.

Note: RF therapy is not suitable for pregnant women. Please advise if you are pregnant when making an appointment for a physio massage.

with WINBACK PHYSIO Applications

Get Rid of Pain

WINBACK is able to inhibit the transmission of pain-related messages by interrupting the sensory impulses. The analgesic effect can last for more than 48 hours after the first treatment.

Speed Up Healing

WINBACK can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. Immediate effects can be felt after the first session – increased mobility, analgesic effect and revascularisation. It reactivates the metabolic functions in the focused area and you can begin to stop experiencing any pain or stiffness after 3 to 5 sessions.

Free Up Movement

WINBACK energy releases tension by local increased blood flow. In just a few minutes, you will feel relief from deep-seated aching or nagging pain, allowing you to regain range of motion.

with WINBACK SPORT Applications


WINBACK’s cutting edge technology allows the physiotherapist to prescribe individualized programmes tailor-made to the specific demands of each athlete. Through the enhancement of metabolic exchanges and oxygen delivery, it is able to prime an athlete’s muscles for optimal performance.

Fast Recovery

WINBACK ensures the efficacy of the physiotherapist’s treatment by efficiently relaxing muscles that have been overstrained. It quickly restores the biomechanical structure back to its natural state, speeding up the athlete’s recovery period.


Bad posture and failure to strengthen stabilizer muscles predisposes athletes to greater risk of injury. With WINBACK, physiotherapists are able to prescribe strengthening and rehabilitation programmes that prevent occurrence of future injuries.

Say hello to your pain free life!

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