Back II Life is Singapore’s first leading Chiropractic and Homeopathic Clinic with the clinic located at Orchard Road.

Established since 2005, our doctors at Back II Life have a successful history of treatment and rehabilitation. Our clinic offers individualized and natural, drug-free treatments for patients of all ages. We are highly qualified in our respective fields and have had years of experience in treating patients of different ages and ailments with phenomenal results. We focus on treating present concerns as well as improving our patients’ entire well-being, resulting in optimal health improvements for our patients.
Dr Neil Stakes, M.Chiro (SA) -

Dr Neil Stakes, M.Chiro (SA)

Dr Lilly Leong, M.Hom (SA) -

Dr Lilly Leong, M.Hom (SA)

Do you experience back pain?
By Dr Jude Oscar If you answered yes, you would know perfectly well how back pain can interfere with your life. You would know that...

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Foot Pain Treatments
“OUCH! MY FOOT!” Pain in the foot can range from plain annoyance to debilitation in walking. There are many types of foot pain from Bunions,...

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Be Pain Free Naturally and Avoid Surgery
Spinal pain does not go away overnight as it is the result of long term accumulation of wear and tear. However, with the proper approach...

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Back II Life has been a God-sent for me. The work they do is reflective of the name they represent. I go back to them not because they did not heal me successfully after each episode, but because of my own poor decisions (life / body / habits / etc). And they continue to deliver me from my pains / woes. I am immensely thankful for Dr Stakes and his staff / ministry / work. I highly recommend Back II Life!
Justis Tan
Had tendonitis on my left arm, couldn't bend it. Adding to that a right knee issue that turned out to be related to a whole muscle on my thigh. Did my first Electronic Shock Wave therapy (ESWT), and immediately solved my knee problem which was keeping me in odd positions at night. My arm took a while, but recovered 50% range of movement just after 2 sessions. And 80% movement by the third. Highly recommended chiro! Thanks to Dr Neil and his friendly staff.
Brendan Yong
My wife and I, plus our 3 children have been receiving treatment and support from Dr Stakes and his team for the past 6 years. The professional treatment and support he has provided over the years has been fantastic. I have no hesitation recommending either him or any of his team.
Ian William Hallo