Back II Life are excited to welcome our new Chiropractor, Dr Jude Oscar [B.Chiro / M.Chiro Science, MQ University]!

Dr Oscar holds over eight years of experience, treating patients with back, neck and other joint and muscle pain across all ages, and across the world.

Dr Oscar’s journey with Chiropractic began when he felt the healing power of Chiropractic that changed his life!  After just one treatment, 14 years of childhood back pain was relieved – he woke up the next day and decided to start a new path. He knew it would be his own mission to help others experience the healing benefit that Chiropractic offered.

Now based again in Singapore after gaining international experience, he strives for excellence in evidence-based practice – where patients receive the best care, backed by evidence, with long term results.  Dr. Oscar wants you to get out of pain and help you on your journey feeling strong and energised as fast as possible!

With a strong mix of experience across specialist private practices and as a consultant in aged care pain management, he is renowned for his empathetic and sound approach. His unique portfolio of hands-on work has proven that pain can be treated for long-term results, whether you’re 9 days or 90 years old!

Dr. Oscar’s philosophy is to continually exceed the highest standards clinical practice, and he is looking forward to blending technology at Back II Life with his approach. In his spare time, he enjoys getting outdoors and maintaining an active lifestyle with his wife and daughter.

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