By Dr Jude Oscar

Many people ask, “Is Chiropractic good for my kids or teenage child?”

The answer is a yes!

Research shows that Chiropractic care is as safe and effective for children and teenagers, as it is for adults.

Children and teenagers can experience the same pain and symptoms as adults too.  In fact, a recent study found that one in every three children experiences regular back pain … that’s every third child!

Children and teenagers of today are spending more and more time in front of screens, carrying heavier backpacks, growing taller and faster than generations previous, and participating in more extra curricular activities.  I look at the young people on the trains craned over their mobile devices and it strikes me that this modern lifestyle easily leaves all of our children prone to poor posture and pain.

While it may be convenient to dismiss these as simply “growing pains” or worse dismissing them entirely, it does not change the fact that our very children may be suffering in silence.

When I was a child, I was one of these silent sufferers – another of these one in three with back pain. Numerous visits to the local GP yielded no relief.  It was not until I booked into a student clinic at university did I realise the healing power that Chiropractic could offer.  I thought to myself, “If only I could have been introduced to Chiropractic care earlier!” Since then, I have made it my mission to share that kids need Chiropractic too, and to be an advocate for them.

My story is not an isolated one. Children and teenagers may not be able to, or may feel intimidated to communicate these serious concerns with their parents.  I have lost count of the number of children and teenagers that have come in to the clinic, and for the first time talk about the chronic back pain or headaches they have been experiencing for years, to their parents’ surprise.

Here at Back2Life, you can be assured your children will be heard and treated with the utmost care and sensitivity.  We also encourage parents to stay in the room during the consult so you can also be an active part of their care.

So genuinely, on behalf of all children and teenagers out there suffering in silence, I sincerely ask all parents to get your child a professional assessment at our clinic today.  Let your child be heard!