About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a system of manual medicine, whereby the body is maintained in good spinal alignment and functional biomechanics are applied in order to keep the good overall body alignment and allow optimal function. There is good evidence that this form of intervention is appropriate for relieving pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. It has been shown to be safe, effective and cost-effective form of treatment for especially back pain, as well as neck pain and headaches.
Many patients find chiropractic treatment a suitable alternative to taking potentially harmful and addictive drugs as well as a better option than surgery. As chiropractic also focuses on wellness and prevention, many find it a useful complement to their lifestyles of reducing disease and optimizing their health.
Qualified chiropractors spend 5 years academic and one year of internship in Dr Stake’s┬áhome country of South Africa and are licensed as primary health care providers – meaning that patients do not ordinarily need referrals.