With regular chiropractic care from BACK II LIFE, your body will soon be in tip-top shape.

Whether it’s due to athletic overuse or chronic repetitive strain in an unconducive office environment, pain may begin insidiously, and can result in impairment. However, help is at hand.

Chiropractic care is safe, painless and is well known to effectively alleviate pain notably chronic back and neck and shoulder pain. Athletes, recreational and professionals utilise chiropractors at Olympic villages, ATP and PGA tours. In most cases patients have been able to avoid taking chronic medication and their side effects, surgery or injections with timely care.

Let’s talk about Bob – a stressed-out executive with little time for exercise due to work and family commitments – is a classic example of someone requiring chiropractic treatment. Initially, he experienced pain at the end of a working day, but it would disappear after a good night’s rest – so he thought nothing of it. After a few weeks, he was hit with some major deadlines and was working much harder. Now the pain only eased after two nights’ rest.

This pattern continued until Bob went away on a business trip. With an increased workload and escalated stress on his body, his muscles and joints became progressively tighter, until they were unable to manage – resulting in pain. Needing to stay “on the job”, Bob took painkillers and muscle relaxants, but ultimately caused more harm. Due to the medication, he felt no pain, and was oblivious to the damage he was doing as the muscles and joints continued to deteriorate.

Just like ignoring the oil light in your car, injuries can reach the stage where painkillers no longer work. And Bob was now unable to sleep at night and developed pain that wouldn’t ease. Seeking chiropractic care became his only option. There, Bob learnt rehabilitation stretches and exercises from a trained professional. Using regular stress-busting exercises and stretching techniques, he began to enjoy new-found health.

After a while, Bob stopped exercising. Work stress started to build and he decided to exercise on weekends, adopting the typical weekend warrior mentality of work hard, play harder. But his body found it hard to cope as it wasn’t used to the overexertion. And although Bob felt good while exercising, he found it a struggle to move the next morning and was in pain.

Luckily for him, regular chiropractic maintenance soon sorted out this problem. As Dr Stakes explains, “Unlike a car, we can’t replace our bodies when they fail. We must regularly care for them to enjoy optimal performance – just as we would maintain a luxury car.” With regular, gentle and effective chiropractic care, numerous patients like Bob have been saved from major repair and surgery.

BACK II LIFE is Singapore’s leading provider of proven non-drug and non-surgical solutions. Advanced technology with personalised and individualised treatments for patients of all ages, Back II Life focuses on mind and body wellbeing, nutritional advice, exercise rehabilitation and diagnostic testing. Offering synergy in health … bringing you back to life.

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