A second opinion is when you ask a doctor for their opinion on your diagnosis or treatment. It can bring peace of mind and help you better understand your diagnosis and your full range of treatment options.

When to Get a Second Opinion

Second opinions are usually not necessary for minor health problems which present little problems in way of diagnosis and treatment. However, if you have a prolonged chronic condition, or are considering major surgery, especially if your surgeon has not made it entirely clear why you need the surgery, or if you would like to know if options other than surgery are available to treat your condition, you should get a second opinion.

Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion can bring many benefits to patients:
• It reduces the risk of misdiagnosis by up to 90%.
• It can lead to a more accurate diagnosis of your health condition, especially in complex cases when multiple factors are at play.
• It gives you more knowledge about your condition and the treatment options available.
• It can help with your peace of mind and reassure you that you are making the right decision.
• It can introduce you to new treatment options available and help you understand them.

What should you ask at the Second Opinion consultation?

These are some questions to begin with:
• Is the diagnosis correct?
• What are my choices, and the pros and cons of each?
• What would happen if I waited or chose no treatment?
• What should I do with the results?

If the Second Opinion agrees with the first, you can move forward with more confidence.

Make an appointment to consult with our doctors at Back II Life and get a second opinion at $80 (before GST). Please note that you must bring your X-rays and / or MRIs to the appointment.