BACK II LIFE reveals how to overcome that morning after feeling.

Water, Vitamins B and C

Dehydration and the body’s negative reaction to the toxins found in alcohol lie at the centre of the hangover. The rule of thumb in combating the “morning after” is to have one glass of water for every glass of alcohol you indulge in, supplemented by extra doses of Vitamins B and C before you go to bed.


nux-vomicaHomeopathic Remedy Nux Vomica

But if you’ve forgotten this trick, Dr Leong recommends the homeopathic remedy nux vomica, which can have almost instantaneous results. The characteristics of nux vomica mimic the typical symptoms – nausea, headache, abdominal discomfort – of a hangover. That may sound contradictory, but one of homeopathy’s fundamental laws is that “like cures like”. And nux vomica induces hangover-like symptoms when it’s take in repeated doses over a period of time.

So, if you consider the concept of a vaccine – where the body is exposed to a weakened version of the condition to strengthen the body’s reaction – administering nux vomica stimulates the body’s healing system, speeding up the recovery process. This is in line with another analogy commonly found in Chinese medicine – “use poison to treat poison”.

Green smoothie with apples,parsley,spinach,cucumber,lime and minFresh Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are another quick fix for hangovers as they help flush out the system and rehydrate the body. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley and orange juice, following up with a second glass later in the day. This helps stimulate the liver, alleviating any diarrhea caused by severe dehydration.

milk_thistleChamomile, Ginger and Milk Thistle

Herbs such as chamomile and ginger can also help calm over-stressed digestive systems. For those who drink frequently, milk thistle repairs and improves liver function.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care may also be beneficial for any “side effects” of excessive drinking. It’s not uncommon to experience a sore neck or back from passing out on the couch or doorstep. And a mysterious wrist or ankle sprain could be the result of a slip or fall. If you have no memory of an event, but are in pain, you may have even blacked out.

Early treatment can help ease and treat such injuries, but the pain alone should encourage you to avoid future episodes of binge drinking. If you or someone you care about repeatedly binges on alcohol, you need to address any underlying emotional problems. Work stress, family issues and dissatisfaction with relationships can all contribute to feelings of unhappiness, resulting in repetitive drinking disorders or even drug abuse.

In the end, the best treatment for a hangover is time. Happy holidays!

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