Dr Lilly Leong, BACK II LIFE’s resident Homeopath, explains why natural remedies are especially effective in young children.

Homeopathy is a complete natural healing system which uses various plants, minerals or animals in very small doses to stimulate a person’s natural defenses against illness. Someone who is unwell and presents specific symptoms will be given a homeopathic remedy with the same properties as one given to a healthy individual. Thus, “homeo” means similar and “pathos” means disease or suffering.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, not only the disease itself. Hence a homeopathic consultation takes much longer, because the recording of a patient’s health history is very detailed. Prescribed homeopathic remedies are completely individualised, so detailed information on the mental, emotional and physical health of the patient is extremely important. Everyone is unique and therefore presents a different picture, even when the disease is the same.

Since homeopathy treats the person and not just the disease, there is no restriction or limitation on who – age or sex – and what – medical or psychological complaints – homeopathy can treat. Children and babies respond very quickly and positively to homeopathic treatment. This is because they usually haven’t been subjected to the allopathic drug regimes many of us have experienced by the time we reach adulthood.

Children can fall ill quickly and dramatically with an acute infection. They’ll seem extremely unwell for a short time but usually become well again within just a day or so. This is because a young child’s overall energy levels and response to stimuli is much stronger than that of an adult. This immediate response to an acute illness indicates the vigorous and healthy immune response that many children possess. This self-healing mechanism can work hand-in-hand with an appropriately prescribed homeopathic remedy, stimulating the immune system into action, resolving infections quickly, gently and with as little discomfort as possible.

However, there are also children who seem to be constantly unwell. This may be due to poor genetic inheritance, inadequate nutrition, overuse of conventional medicine, an adverse reaction to vaccinations, or a combination of these factors. Such children may experience constant colds, ear infections or chest problems, and often have poor energy levels and a lack of stamina.

Other complications may include eczema, allergies, asthma or digestive disorders. In addition, behavioural problems such as poor concentration, a lack of confidence, severe temper tantrums and anti-social behaviour may occur.

Homeopathy offers a safe and natural way to heal the whole body and mind without fear of any adverse effects. Results are amazing! Make an appointment today and experience the difference homeopathy can make.