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Homeopathy In A Nutshell

Homeopathy provides a truly amazing form of healing that touches on every single level of the mind and physical body. The beauty of this remarkable natural medicine is that it has no limit to what and whom it can treat.

It is one of the safest forms of medicine for all ages even children and pregnant mothers. Homeopathy restores health and maintains a strong immunity.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

  • Stimulates the immune system to promote body’s natural healing capability
  • Extremely effective
  • It is safe, gentle and without side effects
  • Treats the whole mind and body, not just the disease
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Homeopathic remedies are palatable and easy to take
  • Strengthens your immunity

Homeopathy As Primary Healthcare

A great number of patients present to the homeopaths with chronic diseases where orthodox medicines have failed; hence homeopathy is often regarded as the last resort. A homeopath deals with all the diseases that medical practitioners deal with.

However, in certain conditions where surgical interventions are required, conventional medicine may offer a better option. Homeopathy is the treatment that ensures a gentle and safe approach to restoring health and maintaining a strong immunity.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural healing system that offers a comprehensive treatment to a wide variety of illness without side effects. This approach of holistic healing influences the body to heal itself by stimulating the body’s immune system through medically active substances in a very diluted form. Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just one part of the body or the disease only.

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician and chemist, discovered this principle of ‘like cures like’ 200 years ago. However, this theory dates back to Hippocrates (460-370 BC), where he believed that the symptoms of a sick individual provided the solution to find a remedy, which stimulates the body’s power to heal itself.

Similia Similibus Curentur
The Principle of “Like Cures Like”

Homeopathy so based on the principle that “like will cure like”. In other words, a minute dose of a substance that cause similar symptoms to those suffered by the patient will stimulate the healing powers of their own body and cure their condition.

A homeopath treats the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient. When one area of the body is sick, this is due to the sickness of the whole body.

Treatment is individualized because each patient is unique. Thus a homeopathic consultation takes a much longer duration because the case taking is very detailed, where questions will be asked relating to both mental and physical health, to ensure the correct remedy is given.

The Effect of Minute Doses and Potentizations

Some of the substances from which homeopathic remedies are made are extremely strong or even poisonous. As a result Hahnemann gave this patients very diluted doses of the remedies.

In spite of the subsequent improvement of the patients’ health, certain individuals were sensitive to their indicated remedies and their symptoms worsen (aggravations) before becoming better.

Hahnemann then diluted each remedy further and “succussed” (vigorous shaking and banging on a hard surface) to release the energy of the substance. These diluted remedies produced a greater and stronger effect without any aggravations, hence “potentizations” was the term given by Hahnemann to describe the dilution, or strength of a remedy.

Throughout his life, he continued with experimenting with different dilutions and he progressively used weaker and more diluted solutions where not a single molecule could be found, but ironically became increasingly powerful.

Treating The Whole Person

In Homeopathy, any illness is viewed very differently compared to conventional medicine. Usually one goes to a medical practitioner for a specific disease or problem. You are given a medicine to make that problem go away. But the symptoms are there for a reason, and if the reason still exists then the problem will return, either in the same form or as a different disease or problem.

At other times problems seem to disappear after treatment, but not long afterwards new problems come out to take their place. The reason for this is that the core problem wasn’t dealt with. This is called suppression.

Homeopathy has a clear understanding of the difference between suppression and real cure. With cure, the root of the problem is dealt with first, and as a result the symptoms are no longer needed and fade away.

It is important to look at everything that is going on in the patient’s life, not just a few symptoms in isolation. Thus a homeopathic consult is very detailed, where we explore the mental, emotional and physical level. Then a single homeopathic remedy, matching the whole picture is chosen.

After the correct homeopathic remedy, most patients feel greater well being and happiness. Homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment. Changes in life long problems, both physical and emotional are reported.