What to expect when you see a homeopath?

Firstly, be prepared to spend at least an hour on your first visit. Unlike a normal 5-10mins consultation with your local GP, the homeopath spends time asking more questions about your health and other aspects of your mental and emotional well-being.

Stress is a big factor contributing to the decline in health whether it is coming from work, family, friends or personal issues. So mental health is just as important as the physical health because the mind and the body constitute the whole person.

A physical examination is the standard protocol before any diagnosis is made. In certain cases, special investigations (blood test, X-rays, urine test, etc) are required.

How does it defer from Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine?

While homeopathy and these healing arts are similar in that they do not utilize drugs, each one is also quite distinctive.

Naturopathy is a broad system encompassing a host of complimentary therapies.

Acupuncture is one branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that stimulates and balances the body’s energy by working on the meridians.

Herbal medicine uses material doses of plant substances for treatment.

I am a strict vegetarian. Is it OK to take Homeopathic remedies? What are Homeopathic remedies made from?

Homeopathic remedies traditionally derive from an extraordinarily wide variety of plant, animal and mineral substances.

They are made through a process of serial dilutions, where the original substance is diluted in water and is ‘succussed’, meaning that it is energized by shaking the dilution vigorously. The resultant remedy solution is then diluted and succussed again.

This process is done repeatedly, sometimes hundreds or thousands of times, resulting in an extremely dilute and highly energetically potent remedy. Hence it has been often viewed as a form of vibrational medicine, where there are no molecules of the original substance but only an imprint of energy.

Thus it is perfectly ok for a vegetarian to take homeopathic remedies.

Why not just treat myself with Homeopathic remedies from the health food store?

It is next to impossible to understand one’s own deepest energetic imbalance. We seem to be blind to our own states. Even professional homeopaths need to see another practitioner for their own treatment.

In addition, professionals use up to 5,000 possible remedies in varying strengths. Health food stores usually carry 20 to 30 basic remedies in lower strength.

Treating oneself with constitutional homeopathic remedies usually is a recipe for frustrations and can lead to greater difficulties.

How do I store my Homeopathic remedies?

Store them in a cool dark place, away from strong-smelling substances such as eucalyptus, camphor, oil of cloves, Vicks vapour rub and aromatherapy oils. It is not a good idea, therefore, to keep them in the bathroom.

Do not store remedies near mobile phones, televisions, microwave ovens or computers.

Ensure the lid is well secured after use.

Do not store where there is direct sunlight, or excessive heat or cold.

Don’t transfer remedies from one container to another.

When travelling, ensure remedies are protected from X-ray equipment in airports and certain train stations (e.g. Eurostar). Protect by wrapping in three layers of aluminium foil and putting in your main luggage.

How long will it take to see results? I heard that Homeopathy is only good for chronic illness and it works too slowly for acute illness. Is that true?

No, it is not true. Homeopathy can work in seconds or it can take years. It all depends on the circumstances and how one defines “work”.

Generally speaking, a really good constitutional remedy will begin to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly, sometimes within days, and then continue to have a positive effect over months and years.

The severity and history of the problems will usually determine the length of time needed for true cure to happen. For example, a chronic pathology such as lifelong asthma will take more time to heal than an acute case of poison ivy.

Why did my symptoms get worse after taking the Homeopathic remedy? Is this a side effect of the remedy?

No, it is not a side effect, but merely an aggravation. When the body goes through a healing crisis, some symptoms do get aggravation before they get better. This happens when the healing capability in the body is stimulated and therefore starts of a chain reaction of healing within the body.

What are homeopathic remedies made from and why do they all look the same?

Homeopathic remedies come in liquid forms and are dispensed in powders, pillules, granules or tablets form, by impregnation (adding of potentised remedy).

These powders, pillules, granules or tablets are made from lactose sugar, which makes them more pleasant on the taste buds and help to transport the remedy into the body more easily.

Can Homeopathic remedies be taken along with conventional medications?

Yes, many people who seek out homeopathic care are already taking conventional medication with the goal of reducing or eliminating the medication. With the proper remedy and treatment plan, this is often possible.

Is Homeopathy safe for anyone, even children?

Yes, it is safe for anyone if you go to a qualified homeopath.  Homeopathy treats the person instead of just the disease, so factors like age and sex are irrelevant to qualify for homeopathic treatments.

Great results are often seen in children because they are less exposed to orthodox medicines and tend to suffer from a less deep-seated condition.

Homeopathy is also greatly used by pregnant women because homeopathic treatments are so safe, gentle and effective.

Even though homeopathic remedies seem to be harmless, self-medication is not advisable at all. Only an experienced homeopath can determine the precise remedy / treatment that is required.