BACK II LIFE explains the rehabilitative benefits of applying Kinesiotaping to sports injuries.

If you’re a sports fan, you would have noticed athletes in action with certain parts of their body such as the knees, calves or arms wrapped in tape. This is Kinesio tape – a hypoallergenic tape with unique elastic properties, which, when applied correctly, alerts the brain and nervous system about the current condition of your tissues via proprioceptors (specialized sensory receptors on nerve endings found in muscles, tendons, joints, and the inner ear that relay information about motion or position and make us aware of our own body position and movement in space).

How does Kinesiotaping heal injuries?

Kinesiotaping reduces pain, improves circulation and promotes healing and repair of affected areas in the muscle, tendon, joint and connective tissues. The tape can only be applied to intact skin and also stabilises your joints, reduces swelling around fractures and wounds, relaxes tight muscles and improves posture. Unlike conventional tapes, Kinesio is unique because joint stability is achieved without restricting movements and blocking circulation. Therefore, it can be worn longer and is tolerated better.

The application technique also makes a difference. When applied correctly, it has healing properties, but if applied incorrectly, tight muscles can get more tense. So, although you can purchase and apply the tape yourself, you reap maximum results when it is done by a qualified practitioner. The correction usually remains even after the tape is removed.

Since it doesn’t contain any active agent or chemicals, the Kinesio tape is allowed in most sports as it adheres to no performance enhancing chemicals policies. Only the World Boxing Association has banned the use of the tape as tests show application increases the power of punches! In reality, the tape merely corrects the muscular problems and optimizes the power behind the punch.


Additional benefits

Using the tape is like applying continuous therapy to an area in between other treatments, allowing the practitioner to move to the next course of treatment sooner. An application works for 24 hours and ideally should be applied between two and five days.

For example, if you have an acute sprain, applying the Kinesio tape helps reduce swelling and pain for up to 24 hours for every day you use it. By reducing the swelling in between treatments, your practitioner can perform the next level of intervention during your subsequent visit instead of repeating the swelling reduction treatment.
Although there are several brands available, Back II Life uses the original tape endorsed by Dr Kenzo Kase, the inventor of Kinesiotaping. At Back II Life, we are trained to assess and diagnose injuries, perform x-rays or MRIs and make referrals if surgery is needed. Certified Kinesio taping practitioners combine chiropractic care with non-invasive treatments such as electrotherapy, ultrasound and manual techniques as well as radial shockwave therapy for neuro-musculoskeletal injuries.

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