Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again! In an increasingly materialistic world, your loved ones are starved not for gifts and dinners, but for your time and your touch. If you are thinking about giving that special him or her an evening to remember, consider dishing out some well-intentioned backrubs! Backrubs are one of the most well-used dopamine hacks by those in the know. Rub out those stress nodules and let feel-good hormones loose as their stress just melts away.

3 Tips on Giving Awesome Backrubs - Setup the SettingTip 1: Set up the Setting

Create an experience, and the effort will be appreciated. Make sure the kids are occupied or at the in-laws. Hide your handphones and get away from social media. Consider getting some warm lighting and fresh sheets. Some candles or aroma oil burning away on the bedside table would make all the difference. And of course, make sure YOU smell amazing as well.

Tip 2: Start with the Shoulders

Their shoulders have been holding up their hectic lives all year – juggling careers, kids, family and even your expectations! That’s not even including keeping the neck in order and the strain of dangling arms and all else that they carry. Start with warm hands on the shoulders, knead it gently at first and gradually increase the pressure. Remember it’s the gift of touch you are giving and not the amount of force that is important.

3 Tips on Giving Awesome Backrubs - Start with the ShouldersAfter about three minutes of shoulder rubbing, or the length of a soft background music track, you can start gently chopping the middle of the shoulder blades. This encourages blood flow to the freshly simulated muscles you have just released at the shoulders, creating more dopamine.

Tip 3: Ask for Feedback

Each of us is unique, and so are our strain and stress. Always keep asking the magic massage questions, “How does this feel? Good?” Ask them questions with scales, 1 to 10, or use “warmer or colder” to help to narrow down to just the right spot. Pressure, direction and momentum are what great backrubs are made of! Keep the feedback coming, and you will discover your personal groove.

Now that they are relaxed with the stress all rubbed away, and oils all washed away, it’s time to kick back with a nice glass of wine. Stare deep into each other’s eyes and talk about your future together, because that’s what will keep the love alive, a future together.

Back II Life celebrates Valentine’s Day

Back II Life is excited to roll out our very first Valentine’s Gift Vouchers. If your loved ones appreciate a good rub down, give them the Gift of Health and Healing. And just for this Valentine’s Day, each gift voucher of a chiropractic adjustment will include a free thirty-minute physio massage. Call 62351220 or email us to enquire!

Happy Valentine’s Day!