The Before and After Chiropractic Adjustment To-Do List

At Back II Life, we treat you holistically and may look at other areas that seem unrelated to your initial complaint. This means that in order for us to manage your condition holistically and thoroughly, you agree that we may need to treat areas that are in the opinion of the chiropractor, directly or indirectly related to the presenting complaint.

For example, one patient complained of wrist pain – the source of the pain was the elbow. Another patient also complained about wrist pain – the source of his pain was his neck. Same complaint, different reasons for the pain, therefore different treatment plans required. By consenting to treatment, our experienced chiropractors are free to address these concerns as part of the holistic approach to managing your condition.

Get the most from Chiropractic treatments with our to-do list for before, during and after your adjustment.

Before Your Adjustment

To receive and hold a good adjustment, your spine must be at rest before and during the adjustment. Before an adjustment, do lie on the adjusting table face down with your arms hanging to the floor to rest your spinal muscles and fan out your vertebrae so they may be adjusted easily.

During Your Adjustment

During your adjustment, you should be in a resting, neutral position. Do not cross or bend your legs during the adjustment, unless you have been specifically asked by the doctor to do so.

After Your Adjustment

After your adjustment you should get up from the adjusting table by slowly rising up from your side. Getting up from your side is the healthiest and safest way to rise from any horizontal position. Do not do a “sit up” or “straddle” the bench, as these movements can destabilize the joints of the pelvis. Do not rub, probe or poke the areas your doctor adjusts. This does not accelerate healing.

Many patients combine their adjustment with a pre-adjustment massage with our resident physical massage therapist. Releasing tight muscles with moist heat generally helps to alleviate the soreness associated with misaligned or subluxated vertebra and the muscle spasm that accompanies it.

We generally combine our adjustments with ultrasound therapy that helps to release toxins around the muscle cells and inflamed joints.

Feel Your Best For Even Longer

Dr Stakes will email you a list of exercises to strengthen your body – actively participate in your healing by doing the exercises at home.

Avoid jarring activities which place harmful stress on your neck and spine. Exercises like yoga and pilates are focused on your core and associate well with chiropractic care.

Until Your Next Adjustment

Soreness may occur after an adjustment, particularly if the vertebra was significantly subluxated (out of place) prior to being adjusted.

If you do have any discomfort, we suggest that try RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. You ice the area, no longer than 20 minutes, once every two hours for twenty minutes. Do not use heat in any case.

If you continue to experience discomfort the next day, contact our office to schedule a follow-up adjustment with the doctor, as a fine-tuning adjustment may be necessary.



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