Taking place on October 16 each year, World Spine Day has become a focus in raising awareness of back pain and other spinal issues. With health professionals, exercise and rehabilitation experts, public health advocates, schoolchildren and patients all taking part, #LoveYourSpine will be celebrated on every continent.

#LoveYourSpine will highlight the importance of spinal health and wellbeing. Promotion of physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting and healthy working conditions will all feature as people are encouraged to look after their spines and stay active. Take steps to be kind to their spines.

Slipped discs account for a large percentage of spinal surgery. Chiropractic and Decompression Traction are non-surgical solutions that relieves slipped disc pain and prevent surgery.

We are celebrating World Spine Day in October by giving your discs a treat! Get 50% off up to 12 DTS and rehabilitation session ($120 per session before GST) on Rehab Days.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rehab Days are as follows:
    • Orchard Clinic: Mondays, Thursdays
    • Raffles Clinic: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Chiropractic consultation is required for discount on DTS treatments to be applicable.
  • Discounted DTS Treatment has to be booked and paid in advance in cash, NETs or credit card.
  • Use of credit package not permitted.
  • Price is not inclusive of GST.
  • Promotion ends 31 October 2018.